Conceptualization / Design / Development


Conceptualization / Design / Development / Identity

Museo El Eco

We designed and developed the website for Museo Experimental El Eco, a public arts institution located in the center of  Mexico City and operated by the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). The museum focuses both on interdisciplinary contemporary art, and on relating it to the work of the museum’s creator, Mathias Goeritz — our design for the website did the same. 

We drew upon the enigma, mysticism, and power of the erratic life El Eco has led since its inception as an experimental space in 1952 and its other reincarnations as a restaurant, nightclub, theater and meeting place for political activities. Our design approach considered how all these roles dramatically altered its architectural structure during the fifty-two years that came after the death of Daniel Mont before being purchased by UNAM and being returned to its original role as a center for arts and culture in 2005. 

The website not only serves to share El Eco’s museum programming but is also a robust online publication for arts criticism and writing. We created a desktop and mobile platform that allowed for users to enjoy their reading experience. Visit the website here.